Cristóbal Pazmiño
Cristóbal Pazmiño

A guitarist and composer, Cristobal Pazmino was born in Riobamba, Ecuador, in 1958. He started learning the guitar at a very early age with musicians from his own neighbourhood with whom he was to play for over 3 years- electric guitar, bass, ‘night guitar’ ( known elsewhere as the classical guitar) all without sight reading. It was not until 1976 when he arrived in Paris that  he decided to study the classical guitar in earnest, first at the Schola Cantorum in Paris for 3 years, then at the CNRM( Conservatoire National de Musique de St Maur de Fossés, Val de Marne) for 5 years where he was awarded the Gold medal ( Médaille d’Or) in 1986. Thus having become a classical guitarist, he devoted himself solely to Latin-American music, and Ecuadorian music in particular, combining popular music with the techniques of classical guitar. He set out on an international career which led him to 32 different countries, where he was  frequently billed with the biggest names of Latin American guitarists. In France his recordings have been featured in various TV and film productions : for the TV channel F3, the short film ‘The Golden Earth of the Incas’ in  1989, for the documentary film ‘Panama, Prince of Hats’ for the Arte Channel in 1997, the cable channels in 2002 for their documentaries on Chile, and in Ecuador, Teleamazonea, TV channel of the capital Quito, broadcast his theme tune for a whole season for the series ‘At home with the family’.

Cristobal Pazmino is the inspiration, founder, and artistic director of the International Festival of Guitar  , which has become one of the highlights of the guitar music calendar.


Cristobal Pazmiño joue sur une guitare du maître luthier

International Festivals :

  • 1st International Guitar Festival, Alsace France, 1992 .
  • 4th International Guitar Festival, Stockholm Sweden, 1992 .
  • 6th International Guitar Festival, Friburg Switzerland, 1992 .
  • 3rd International Guitar Festival, San José Costa Rica, 1993 .
  • 1st Festival "Guitarras del Mundo," Rio Cuarto and Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1995 .
  • Palacio del IILA, Rome Italy, 1996 .
  • Latin American Guitar Masters at the Int. University of Florida, Miami USA, 1997 .
  • Bolivar Hall Festival, London England, 1998 .
  • 5th Festival "Guitarras del Mundo," Argentina, 1999 .
  • 1st and 5th International Guitar Festival, Vendôme France, 1997 .
  • 2nd International Guitar Festival, Cagliari, Italy 2001 .
  • 7th Festival "Guitarras del Mundo," Argentine  2001 .
  • II Festival International de Cagliari en Italie 2001 .
  • VII Festival Guitarras del Mundo 2001 2003 .
  • Festival de Santisteban del Puerto - Jaen España 2004 .
  • 8° Festival Regino Sainz de la Maza, Burgos España 2005 .
  • Festival de la ville de MONTS Francia 2005 .
  • Guitarras del Mundo-Argentine 2006 .
  • 10° Festival de Taxco - Mexique 2007 .
  • 10° Festival Regino Sainz de la Maza, Burgos España 2007 .
  • 21° Festival International de Guitare de Fribourg Suisse, avril 2008 .
  • Jornadas Internacionales de la guitarra, Valencia España, mayo 2008 .
  • XIV Edizione Caroso Festival, Italia , juin 2008
  • 3° Festival de Monts en Touraine , France , septembre 2008
  • 6° Festival Guitar'Essonne, Juvisy sur Orge, France, octobre  2008
  • BATH International Guitar Festival, UK. juillet 2009
  • XV Edizione CAROSO FESTIVAL, Italia, août 2009
  • Euskal Herriko Gitarra Elkartea Donostia – Gipuzkoa España,  diciembre  2009
  • Festival Guitarras del Mundo, Biel-Bienne SUISSE. février  2010
  • IV° Festival Internazionale di Chitarra di Castrocielo Italia, juillet 2010
  • Festival Colores Latino américanos, Lille France, octobre 2010
  • Festival de Bologe Italie, mai 2011
  • Festival "DES LYRES D'ETE" Blois France, août 2011
  • Festival Guitarras andinas, Paris France, octobre 2011
  • The North East Guitar Festival, Sage Gateshead, Newcastle Angleterre, octobre 2011
  • VI EDIZIONE-Festival de Castrocielo Italia, luglio 2012
  • 10ème Festival International Guitar’Essonne, Juvisy sur Orge , France, octobre 2012
  • Festillesime41 Gy en Sologne France 2013
  • FESTIVAL DE MUSICA ESPAGNOLE, Vall d'UIXO - Valencia ESPAGNE, avril 2015

    Quito's Prometeo Theater
    Nearly every major city in Ecuador has at least one theatre where you can enjoy exceptional performances by local or even international artists. Quito is certainly no different and one great place to go in this city is the Teatro Prometeo. Also known as the Prometeo Theater, this great little theatre is often used as a venue for performances by a number of great musicians, singers, dancers and actors. While it may not be as busy as certain other theatres, it does see a lot of activity and you can be almost certain that it will have something to offer when you are in town.

    One example of a great musician who has performed here in the past is Cristóbal Pazmiño. This Ecuadorian musician has had his music aired in France and further a field and he is recognized as one of the top guitarists in his country. He started his journey to fame as a child in Riobamba where his brother taught him to play the guitar by ear. Both brothers were recognized for their talent with the guitar and they often performed in their school and as part of a musical group in the area. When Pazmiño grew up, he went to France to study at the National Conservatory of Saint-Maur-DES-Fosses. Here he not only gained a diploma but also obtained a gold medal for his skill with a guitar. During his time in France, his guitar was one of the only ways for him to reconnect with his homeland. His music was first aired in 1976 in France and it has since been heard across the globe. He has performed in 32 countries and plays mainly Ecuadorian and Latin American music and he continues to be revered by those who are able to enjoy his performances.

    The Prometeo Theatre is attached to the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana. You will find this lovely little theatre at 6 de Diciembre and Tarqui. It is quite easy to find since it is near the Hilton Colon Hotel and the El Espiral Shopping Center, so you should have no difficulty finding it. Make sure that the Prometeo Theater is a part of your travel plans the next time you visit Quito. You will find that it always has something great on offer and will likely enjoy your time spent here.

    What they have to say:

    - CD "Quito de mis ensueños"
    Anyone with a passion for South American music is almost bound to
    take a liking to this release. The enthusiasm  and exhilaration which
    the Pazmiño / Charles duoinstil into their performances on this recording
    are quite infectius and uplifting.
    They heve chosen well with regard to their programme mixing up the
    old celebrated  works with lesser Known ones.
    A few liberties are taken here and there in one or two places; in the Cardoso
    Milonga for example, an extra short melodic section is included
    (presumably a Pazmiño/Charles "original" ) and the repeats in Bolinhas
    de Queijo do not correspond with the published music, but nevertheless,
    these alterations do not in anyway harm the music.
    Throughout, the playing is enjoyable and the recorded sound is well engineered  
    Classical Guitar Magazine, May 2006
    Steve March

    - On the CD Quito de Mis Ensueños.
    Continuing the release of new Latino- American numbers for two guitars, this duo succeeds in delighting us with their incredibly delicate and classy music, which uncontestably oozes that feel-good factor.
    Their music is guaranteed to go straight to listeners’ hearts.

    Guitare Première- magazine- Brussels  Belgium, January 2004

    - It all began in 2006. I already knew Floriane Charles and Cristobal Pazmino after enjoying musical moments and friendship with them.Times when it is quite natural to pick up a guitar and say quite simply ‘Here, listen to this’ or to pick up another (guitar) saying ‘show me then’. Music is traditionally built around the basis of exchange, emulation and passion. There is no trace of competition whatsoever, just the love of doing things well and the need to share them.
    It was in 2006, I went to listen to them in a village just near to where I live.  I didn’t feel as if I was seated in a concert hall, but rather on a plane. Cristobal and Floriane transported me far away to Latin America. They whisked me away even further, to the bottom of their hearts, from their fingertips, with both humour and discretion. The greatest proof of this intensity is that you forget their extreme technical complexity and musical expertise, as it is so overshadowed by their generosity and committment. When I came back down to earth, I could hear other passsengers comment enthusiastically on those landscapes, on Floriane’s deftness or Cristobal’s emotions as he delved into his memories of his native Ecuador…..
    I strongly recommend you accompany them on their travels.
    Patrice Jania